As our new product capabilities become known, an important part of our production still originates in our graphics creation. What makes us unique is that we can combine our knowledge of fabrication with our aluminum, glass, and concrete to create some extraordinary installations. Many examples can be found in our sales book but we showcase this package just completed in Saginaw, Texas. The new high school and faciltiies included our engraved aluminum plate for site wayfinding as well as 3 very large logos for the football stadium.







The stadium graphics include a complete internally illuminated LED lighting system that can be programmed to a variety of effects, controlled from inside the press box for game celebratory purposes.

As a compliment to these structural behemoths, our graphics department was also commissioned to create ground sign package using our engraved aluminum process. The 1/4" plate is engraved with deep permanent graphics through out the complex.

These materials will withstand wear and environmental abuse for a very long time without need of replacement.