Intaglio Composites begins a major collaboration with the Vietnam War Museum, Mineral Wells, Texas

As a veteran, owner and founder of Intaglio Composites, Robert Beverly has always tried to find ways to create more awareness of the U.S. Militaries Veterans sacrifice and through the past few years have brought unique products and design such as the Living Memorial Collection to those who would like to properly showcase the contributions that a person has made. And as these boxes were designed with the military person in mind, they can be used for anyone. What makes the box special is the biography of the person and their contribution that can be read in the glass lid.

The Museum however offers a palette to create something very special using materials and capabilities that Intaglio Composites has to offer as well as the opportunity to be a part of a great cause. This would be the only Museum in the US with focus on the Vietnam conflict and we are proud to be allowed to donate our time and energy in this endeavor.


Above photo shows Board Members Jim Messinger, Edd Luttenberger and IC Owner Robert Beverly

The image shows a reproduced photo from the Civil War. This photoengraved technique will be a part of the methods that will be used onsite to increase the amount of visual elements to compliment onsite memorials. As so many have said before, A picture speaks a thousand words. If you would like to be a part of this worthwhile cause, you are invited to go to:

National Vietnam War Museum