2013 marks an exciting year for new products!


In 2012, we had the opportunity to develop a different approach to our concrete. When developing a product as a concrete skin for a casino in Baton Rouge, LA., the end result was very impressive. more on this story here



We have had the most fun in developing the possibilities in our engraved pipe products. We look forward to sharing some of the most unique design applications you will see in lighting, art, handrail applications etc.


Our ability to engrave in any aluminum product configuration is allowing us an unlimited palette of opportunities. This year, we plan to continue to explore new ways of applying this technology.


While our studio is busy, the more artistic applications of our glass work has not been promoted as much as we plan to in the very near future due to the intense in house training and cross-development of equipment and long term company goals of creating some of the most unique work in the world. We are intensely working on the total recreation of "illuminated" glass equipment and embellishment as well as handling equipment for an ambitious undertaking and enjoying every step. As one person described our situation, he likened it to the orchestral direction in the Disney movie, Fantasia. A mad collaboration of effort creating a masterpiece!