Pivotal Projects of 2012



This project originated from the firm Marnell Companies in Las Vegas. The goal was to achieve a photographic skin over a large area without the weight of traditional concrete materiel as had been common on prior projects.

It was determined that the ideal size for this photoengraved tile would be 25" wide and 10" tall.

This has proved to be a viable alternative and our companies effort in reproducing images in quantity has now been viably established.




These murals extended 17' in length and applied under the areas of bars in the sports bar area. Using a brown aggregate and buff cement matrix, our special mix design creates a great product and less expensive for both fabrication, handling and installation. Our ebook has more details of this project.

Senior designer, Denise Muir stated, "the tile turned out absolutely stunning. When I walked in and saw it for the first time, it stopped me dead in my tracks. I was totally impressed."