Sales Materials

We begin 2013 with a better variety of materials that showcase the products and services available from Intaglio Composites and it's sister graphics company, Dreamweaver Graphics.

Our new sales book boasts 160 pages of full color photos of our more creative installations. The book is available free of charge as an  



                              power point presentation.

The ebook and pdf book is 80 mg in size. Please allow a little time to download. The ebook can be read on any Ipad or Iphone. Go through Ibooks to download.

We have samples shown below for a nominal fee. On any purchase made, we will reimburse those charges on orders placed as a result of that purchase. Prices do not include shipping.



Intaglio Brochure
download now


Power Point Presentation
download here


Hardbound Sales Book
download here



Samples Selection

Sample Sets

Each set includes a one 8" sample of each: glass, aluminum and concrete. $50.00
Single Sample - choice of any 1 of  3. $25.00

A base to light the glass samples is also available. The cost is $50.00

Please fill our contact form with your request and our staff will contact you with more information.