Intaglio Composites begins a new chapter.

As a major push and implementation of new product development began in the late 90's, Our graphics company

took what we do best in dimensional graphics and set out to broaden our capabilities in the development of new products and ideas.

In 2003, we unveiled a photoengraved concrete followed directly with aluminum photoengraved technology. That combined with our studies in glass gave a natural and unique position of providing a highly specialized group of work and design since these materials are both complimentary together as well as sustainable in construction.



In the years following our established presence, we began having the opportunity to use our work in very unique and never before applicational trials and we are quite proud to say that this uniqueness has given us a level of exposure that could not have been realized otherwise in our daily graphical work.

In 2009, we were contacted by a group specializing in wall covering applications for over 80 years and this company, Wolf Gordon, with 50 sales staff in the US is now joining in our effort to expand our market position and the ability to work directly with designers and specifiers in the field of development properties.

Our recent unveiling during HD 2010 in Las Vegas followed by Neocon Chicago in June 2010 was a great success and we look forward to the wisdom and experience this 200m/year company can add to this ever growing line of work.

Excitement is in the air!